Privacy Policy

We only share information when you specifically ask us to.

Protecting your privacy is why we exist. We want to empower you to make informed choices about how you share personal information. We do not sell your information nor will we ever do so.

Below you will find some details and exceptions, but most of what you need to know is in those first ten words at the top of this page.

What This Policy Applies To

This Privacy Policy applies to visitors to visitors to our website and our App (available for downloading on Apple App Store and Google Play or from our website at, and through and other online properties and associated services that display this Privacy Policy. Be advised that this Privacy Policy is incorporated into and governed by our Terms of Use.

Information We Collect and How We Use It

When you download our App. When you download the Nametag App and create an account to access our services, you will be asked to provide certain personal information, for example your name, telephone number, a scanned government photo ID (such as a valid driver’s license) and a scanned photo of your face (which will be matched with your photo ID to verify it’s you), and your Covid vaccination card if you are accessing We only share information derived from it, and only with your permission. We never share face scans or ID photos with companies. We will be adding additional forms of validated ID types in the future.

If you provide your phone number, we use it as a convenient way to introduce yourself to companies and friends. We may also use it to communicate with you (via text, email, or in-app notifications) about your use of the websites, App and services. If you don’t want to provide your phone number, you can use a QR code instead.

You can then build out your profile by accepting (or not) incoming requests for identity confirmation and data sharing. You are free to refuse any request for your personal information, with the understanding that we may be unable to provide you with some of our services.  

Biometrics. We use limited biometrics to verify your identify by comparing your government photo ID with a scanned photo of your face.  (The comparison provides a % match of the two or more photos.) We do not retain or share this underlying biometric information or use it for any other purpose.  Where required under applicable law, we will request your prior consent to use biometrics in this manner.

Web Logs and Online Trackers. We collect logging information from all of the Nametag websites and services. This information is used to help us manage and improve our website and services.  We explicitly do not log any personal information.  In addition, we use only the minimum necessary cookies to enable us to provide the websites and services and conduct basic analytics; however, none of these cookies collect your personal information.  We do not deploy other tracking technologies, such as web beacons or pixels. In addition, we do not use online targeted advertising, whether on our websites, our App or through third party websites or applications.

App Information. Our App generates and stores technical information including device identifiers and encryption keys. We collect and store some of this information to operate the App and services.

Unique identifiers. Each company you decide to share with also gets its own randomly-generated identifier for you. Because each company gets a different identifier, companies cannot use Nametag to cooperate with each other to get more information about you than what you’ve shared.  We also generate a unique identifier only for our internal use, but this identifier is not shared.

User Content. Any and all information you post to your account and/or profile is considered “User Content,” which is governed by our Terms and the included Acceptable Use Policy. You retain control of your User Content at all times; you decide what information to share – or not share -- with companies and other users, and   companies only have control of data that users explicitly consent to share. Nonetheless, think carefully before posting any User Content or agreeing to share it, especially for User Content that includes your personal information. You also are responsible to ensuring that all posting and shared User Content is accurate and complete.

Technical Support. We want to help you use the Nametag App and we are here to talk. Contact us via email at Information you share with us when we are providing technical support will be kept for purposes of diagnosing and solving your problem and contacting you to help you. To assist with technical support, we may collect your city and country location from your IP address; however, we do not use location data for any other purpose.

Application Metadata. For participating companies that integrate with Nametag, we collect and store the name of the application, the icon you share with us, and other metadata.

Information We May Share and With Whom

With companies using Nametag. Companies use Nametag to request that you share information with them. For example, a bank would invite its customers to download Nametag to verify their customers identities and to access their account. We check to make sure that the companies are who they claim to be, and they are required to adhere to certain privacy and data handling practices. It is up to you to decide to accept any all requests from participating companies.

You can revoke a company’s access to your information at any time.  When you do so, we immediately stop sharing your data and tell the company that you’ve revoked access. However, they may have stored the information you’ve shared. As you may expect, your use of other companies' services is governed by their respective privacy policies.

Other Nametag users. The Nametag App enables “peer-to-peer” requests to confirm your or another person’s identity. If you share your information with another individual, there is no clear privacy policy that applies. Just like with companies, when you revoke access, your information disappears from the other person’s app, but of course we can’t control that person’s use of your information. 

Service providers. We work with designated third-party vendors to support our services. For example, we use a vendor to send text messages to our users. In the course of verifying your phone number or email address, our vendor will have access to your phone number or email address. That being said, we encrypt everything and everywhere we can: when we store it and when we move it between the parts of the system that comprise Nametag, it is always encrypted. In addition, we may deploy Google Analytics cookies to learn how a website is used, but these cookies do not contain personal information.  All our service providers are required to protect your information and not disclose it to others unless we have authorized them to do so.

Official demands. If we receive an official demand from a government or court, we may be forced to share your data. We will try to let you know about the request before we comply so you can object. But keep in mind that we may not be allowed to let you know of the demand, or we may be required to comply with the demand before you have time to respond.  We will carefully scrutinize each demand before we comply to ensure that it is valid. 

Your Choices and Rights

You control your information that you provide to us. You have the right to request from us a copy of what personal information that we have collected or to ask to correct or update the information we maintain. Our full App includes a “Destroy Vault” option (Menu > Destroy Vault) that enables you to delete your account information (including User Content and any personal information. If you decide to stop using the App and uninstall it from your smartphone, we will delete your information).

We may send you in-App notifications, text messages, or email (if you give us your phone number or email) about your use of our App and services.  If we want to send you any messages about any new products or services that may be of interest to you, we will first ask for your permission. 

Google provides website visitors the ability to prevent their data from being used by Google Analytics. To opt out of Google Analytics, go to: and download and install the browser add-on.

Users in certain States may have other rights over their personal information.  We will honor these rights as applicable.  

We currently do not honor browser-based “Do Not Track” signals.

Users in California

For users in California, please clink on this link for further information, including how to submit “Requests to Know” or “Requests to Delete” in accordance with the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Data security is at the heart of all we do. All the data you share with us is encrypted, both at-rest and in transit. We use best-in-class security practices to protect the data you share with ur example, Nametag uses advanced encryption to keep your information safe.  Information you provide on is also encrypted and stored securely.  Where necessary, we will apply enhanced security measures to sensitive or special categories of personal information. Here is a more detailed description of our data security measures. We will retain your information only as long as you are using the App.


You must be 16 years old or older to use our websites, App and services.  If we become aware that we have inadvertently collected information about children younger than 13, please notify us and we will delete it right away.

Contact Us

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