Multi-Factor Identity

The next generation of identity is here. We believe in real-time identity verification, using multiple data sources, and involving the user in overseeing their own data as part of keeping each person safe. A situation can change any time, and when you are verifying your identity, both sides need to feel confident it’s really you - at that moment. 

Nametag uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and a real-time assessment of data sources to create a multi-dimensional view of identity verification. We call this unique technology Multi-Factor Identity.

As with all machine learning technology, the system continues to get smarter over time. These 4 components work in tandem to create and maintain Nametag accounts:

Document Legitimacy

Users begin by using the same form of identification people use in the physical world to prove it’s them: a government-issued ID. We analyze this document for legitimacy to ensure it’s real, using advanced AI technology to replicate what someone does when you hand them your physical ID.

Biometric Individuality

All users share a photo of themselves so it can be matched to the photo on their government-issued credential. We use the latest AI technology to ensure strong confidence in the match.

Situational Context

We analyze the types, frequency, and nature of information you share to help recognize potential anomalies. Over time, we will continue to allow users to add other types of data to their Nametag profile (their “vault”) which creates a virtuous cycle to improve Nametag’s ability to alert the person of unusual activity and to continuously improve the confidence in people’s identities in various settings, on-line, over the phone, and in person.

User Consent

Any request to confirm identity or approve data sharing goes to a secure app on the user’s mobile device. This provides similar “2-factor authentication” to using an Authenticator App, but we’ve bound all of the above factors to your profile and protected inside the secure enclave of your smartphone.
As always, we only share information when a user specifically asks us to - and insights generated from these sources come back to our users in an ongoing effort to help keep them safe. 

When you tap “approve” in response to a sharing request in your app, it provides assurance that you specifically consent and are aware that the current information you are sharing is correct. If anything looks awry, you will be notified or prompted to update or re-validate certain information, and the recipient will be able to trust your identity at - that moment - is verified.
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