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Meet HumanAuth.

Devices get lost. Authenticate the person instead.

An ultra-fast, ultra-secure sign in method.

Check ID once, and an identity is bound to the device. The second time, use FaceUnlock for an instant sign-in.

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California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Compliant


For second-time use and onwards, users don’t have to scan their ID. Their phone becomes an instant authenticator with FaceUnlock.


Whether they lose their phone, lose their ID, or even change their name, Nametag’s magic account recovery flow can still identify them as the same person.

Implement anywhere with a few lines of code

In your mobile app

Use our mobile SDK to prompt a custom-branded, secure ID verification flow.

In your web platform

Prompt an ID-check anywhere, no matter what device your user is on.

With your support desk

Send an ID request when you notice suspicious behavior, or when your customer is due for an in-person appointment.

Save $70 per lockout

Implement Nametag's OAuth-based passwordless MFA in minutes, or book a demo to see it live and explore your use case.

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