Frequently Asked

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How much does it cost?

Sharing is free for everyone! You can store standard types of personal information in your app and share them when requested by a company, free of charge. Companies are charged for the ability to request validated information from you, but they receive only what you approve to share. You do not need a credit card or payment method to use Nametag.

Who owns my data and how do you keep it safe?

You own your data. Our systems are built in a way that keeps your information protected and secured inside your mobile app. We do not sell or mine you data, and sharing happens only with whom and when you say it’s approved.

Why do I need my phone if I’m trying to login to a website on the computer?

Accepting a request on your phone helps to make it more secure, in two ways. First, modern mobile phones have advanced face or finger recognition that is better than most PC cameras can provide, the helps up to verify your identity and ensures your approval is really coming from you. Second, the fact that you have your mobile phone with you, separate from the computer, is an additional form of what’s know as “multi-factor authentication” (MFA) security - you have “possession” of your device, and that’s yet another (though far from the only) way to help protect your account and ensure it’s really you.

When are you expanding to other countries?

Thanks for you excitement and interest in what we’ve built! Our engineering teams are working hard on many exciting new features and those include the ability to securely validate government identification from outside the US. Feedback is also always welcome through the help button.