Automate security checks during employee lockouts and onboarding.

Prevent unauthorized network access, catch impersonators, and boost ROI at the helpdesk by equipping your team with a one-click identity investigator or automating a reset flow for anyone claiming to be locked out.
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increase in efficiency
faster resolutions
better employee experience
unauthorized network access
Reduce and resolve helpdesk tickets

Reset access and onboard employees faster by checking ID in 30 seconds.

1. Prompt Nametag anywhere

Send via text message, copy/paste a link, or add an automated prompt to your user flows. Open-able on any device.

2. Employee scans + shares ID

AI-powered auto-capture scans a government-issued ID and matches it to a selfie to ensure it’s really them.

3. Reinstate access

A helpdesk employee or an automated process compares the results. If they match, password resets are granted.
Ways to get started
Option 1: Resolve Tickets

Send instant ID checks from Helpdesk Copilot

An out-of-the-box platform for the whole team. Send ID-check links in any email, phone, or support chat to verify the person on the other side in 30 seconds, ensuring they match the owner of the account, before granting password resets or MFA lockout resolutions, or authorizing transactions or account changes. Customize branding and messaging.

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or integrated with platforms like:

Send ID verification requests and view results right from your platform of choice.

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Option 2: Reduce Tickets

Enable self-service account recovery, right from your platform.

Empower users to reset their own access on-demand, without engaging support resources.

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or integrate with platforms like:

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For second-time use and onwards, employees don’t have to scan their ID. Their phone becomes an instant authenticator.


Whether they lose their phone, lose their ID, or even change their name, Nametag’s magic account recovery flow can still identify them as the same person.

Anywhere your employees are.

Global Coverage

10,000+ document types


Voice, chat, or email interactions

Mobile friendly

iOS + Android compatibility

Save $70 per lockout

Try sending an ID request in any support chat (no credit card required), or book a demo to explore repeatable and fully-automated flows.

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