Digital identity was hard to verify. Until Nametag.

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Get started today verifying people from our out-of-the-box console. Add team members, customize branding, and view verification results. Verify people when they contact your IT help desk or customer support center, quickly and securely.
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Eliminate account lockouts and prevent identity fraud with the only passwordless MFA solution that verifies people, not their devices. Enroll once, and Nametag ensures you're never locked out again as you access your account with your face.

Most MFA verifies devices, not people.

Multi-factor authentication has problems. Nametag solves them.

Other identity verification tools use MFA to verify ownership of a phone number, email address, or device. But these approaches are vulnerable to attackers and frustrating for users: if you're locked out of your device, you can't authenticate yourself.

Nametag combines the speed and security of biometric authentication with the integrity of mobile cryptography to reliably verify the actual person behind the device.

Nametag uses AI and cutting-edge mobile security technologies to match a user’s facial biometrics to their government-issued ID. Users are in full control of their digital identity, granting explicit consent for every sign in or data request. Then we bind to your phone's secure enclave to provide trusted, reusable proof of identity.

About Multi-Factor Identity
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Transform your identity verification.

Delight your users with a branded Apple App Clip or Android Instant App that delivers an easy authentication experience without requiring an app download. Resolve account lockouts, password resets, and other tickets quickly and securely, saving time and lowering support costs.
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We take privacy seriously.

Nametag validates and tokenizes personally identifiable information (PII) so you can authenticate people without unnecessary risk. Users are told exactly what information will be shared with you, and give their explicit consent before proceeding.

Trust is earned. We're always working to earn it.

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Our mission is to bring authenticity to the internet and enable people to build more trusted relationships. We’re active participants in organizations who share our beliefs, and audited to industry-leading standards.

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