ID any customer in 30 seconds.

Use Nametag to resolve account lockouts, authorize transactions, and stop impersonation fraud.

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increase in efficiency
faster resolutions
better customer experience
unauthorized network access

The solution

Fix your reset process with Smart IDV.

1. Prompt Smart IDV anywhere

Send via text message, copy/paste a link, or add an automated prompt to your user flows. Open-able on any device.

2. Customer scans + shares ID

AI-powered auto-capture scans a government-issued ID and matches it to a selfie to ensure it’s really them.

3. Reinstate access

A helpdesk employee or an automated process compares the results. If they match, password resets are granted.

Explore ways to get started

Option 1: Out-of-the-box

Empower your agents with an AI verification copilot.

Use our no-code platform to send ID requests to customers contacting your support team. Add team members, customize branding and messaging, and view/manage verified results. Ready to go from day one - zero integration required.

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or integrated with platforms like:

Send ID verification requests and view results right from your platform of choice.

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Option 2: Customized Workflows

Enable automated, self-service account recovery.

Empower users to reset their own access on-demand, without engaging support resources.

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Unlike other ID verification tools, Nametag is uniquely capable of stopping digital manipulation and impersonation.

AI-Powered Fraud Prevention
Nametag's mobile approach to ID Verification allows for faster and more accurate scanning from a trusted device -- because we use the advanced cameras and security features built into mobile phones. Recent ‘quick-launch’ advances from Apple and Android bring unparalleled security without the added friction of visiting an App Store.
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California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 Compliant

Anywhere your customers are.

Global Coverage

10,000+ document types


Voice, chat, or email interactions

Mobile friendly

iOS + Android compatibility

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