Use Nametag's Agent Copilot to collect verifications like this from day one.

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A support agent or an automated process sends a verification request.

Our native quick-launch app opens (skipping the app store) and we verify that the scan is coming from a trusted device with reliable security features.

The user consents to share biometric data.

The user scans a document that proves a government-verified identity.

A quick selfie ensures that the user holding the device matches the verified face on the ID document.

The user consents to share just the needed items, not their entire ID.

The request is completed.

The support agent or automated process has all the information they need to determine whether this user's identity matches the information on the account. Copy/store a tracking link for this user to improve compliance and avoid storing risky data on your servers.

Ready to step up your security with ID?

Let’s talk about account recovery and access for your business.


For second-time use and onwards, employees don’t have to scan their ID. Their phone becomes an instant authenticator.


Whether they lose their phone, lose their ID, or even change their name, Nametag’s magic account recovery flow can still identify them as the same person.

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Use the Nametag Console to instantly send ID requests via text, email, or support chat. Add team members, customize branding and messaging, and view verified results.

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Option 2


Explore our integrations with platforms like Zendesk to send ID requests and receive results right from your current support tool.

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Option 3


Add routine flows to prompt users to verify their identity as a sign-in method, as step up security before transactions or account changes, or before speaking to an agent.

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