Understand IDV: Use The Right Tool For The Job

Online ID Verification was built to meet minimum ID check requirements, not to provide high-assurance fraud prevention. Choose the right solution based on your needs.
Traditional IDV
IDV for Compliance
Everyone else was built to check ID.
IDV for High-Risk Moments
Nametag was built to verify people and stop fraud.
Use Cases
KYC for new account openings, car rentals, new hire immigrations checks
Fraud prevention during account recovery, onboarding, or transaction authorization
Fraud Prevention
Collect data to inform existing processes
Fully managed IDV assurance with a detailed “Proof of Verification” detail page for audit and confidence, or via API
Repeat Offenders
Manual flags common
Patent-pending selfie chaining technology ensures one Nametag per person, stopping repeat offenders
Validation Technology
Webcams capture photos (or photos of photos), extract data, sometimes matched to a template, and sometimes cross-referenced with other data sources. Machine learning often is applied in the cloud or on prem for data extraction
Smartphone cameras provide higher fidelity image capture and security features to eliminate digital manipulation and focus on physical manipulation using rich 3D data and App Attestation. On-device and cloud-based AI and machine vision enable structural and semantic analysis.

Other platforms simply can’t do this so they need to use other data sources and templates
Liveness detection
Passive or video required from any camera
Single selfie captured with advanced depth maps and native smartphone cameras
Browser-based encryption. Varying standard adherence.
Hardware-backed cryptography on device and cloud. SOC 2 Type II audited; GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA compliant
Desktop and Mobile accessibility
Cross platform and device type
Cross platform and device type
User Experience
Requires multiple browser redirects and basic graphic elements
First of its kind app-clip technology. Provides native mobile app feel, speed, and visual effects
App Download Required
Mostly white-labeled
Mostly white-labeled
Data Privacy
User shares everything on the ID with a company
Privacy Mask prevents oversharing. Users share only required data with explicit consent
Data Storage
All collected PII is often required to be stored by the company 
No collected PII is required to be stored by the company
Data Regions
Serverless, multi-region, cloud-native architecture
Data Scopes
Name, birthdate, sometimes address, sometimes SS, sometimes ID number
Name, birthdate, +18, +21, phone number, address, verified profile photo, personal or work email
Data Deletion
Company handles requests 
End-user controls sharing and revocation self-service
General “check the box”
Explicit customer text for the action requested
User re-scans their ID every time
User is re-verified with only a face for second use using patent-pending Selfie Chaining technology
Lockout Prevention
Recoverable, patent-pending device-to-identity binding eliminates permanent lockouts when a device is lost or broken
Universal APIs, SDKs, and some have out-of-the box portals
Universal APIs, SDKs, and advanced out-of-the box portals
Single-use, one-time
Extend from support or step-up use cases to complete Sign in with ID functionality when needed
Mixed global coverage
Full global coverage for over 10,000 document types
Pricing Model
Per transaction
Unlimited transaction per user - or per transaction
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