Automated Identity Checks

Use our APIs to add routine flows prompting users to verify their identity within your product.

The solution

Fix your reset process with Smart IDV.

1. Prompt Smart IDV anywhere

Add an automated prompt to your user flows. Open-able on any device.

2. Customer scans + shares ID

AI-powered auto-capture scans a government-issued ID and matches it to a selfie to ensure it’s really them.

3. Customer is authenticated

The user is correctly identified and a resulting action (such as gaining access to an account) is triggered.

Explore ways to get started

Option 1

As a secure sign-in method.

Allow secure online access for passwordless accounts belonging to real people.

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Option 2

As a step-up security measure.

Prompt an ID request in any context within your product. Authorize transactions or account changes with ease.

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Option 3

As a recovery method for locked-out users.

Empower users to reset their own access on-demand, without engaging support resources.

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Option 4

To verify a user's age.

Add compliance and safety to your product by estimating each user's age from a selfie and flagging potentially-underage users, requiring them to scan an ID to continue.

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Unlike other ID verification tools, Nametag is uniquely capable of stopping digital manipulation and impersonation.

AI-Powered Fraud Prevention
Nametag's mobile approach to ID Verification allows for faster and more accurate scanning from a trusted device -- because we use the advanced cameras and security features built into mobile phones. Recent ‘quick-launch’ advances from Apple and Android bring unparalleled security without the added friction of visiting an App Store.
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For second-time use and onwards, employees don’t have to scan their ID. Their phone becomes an instant authenticator.


Whether they lose their phone, lose their ID, or even change their name, Nametag’s magic account recovery flow can still identify them as the same person.

Implement automated security anywhere.

In your mobile app

Use our mobile SDK to prompt a custom-branded, secure ID verification flow.

In your web platform

Prompt an ID-check anywhere, no matter what device your user is on.

As needed

Send an ID request when you notice suspicious behavior, or when your customer is due for an in-person appointment.

Ready to step up your security with ID?

Let’s talk about account recovery and access for your business.
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