Leverage AI to stop deepfakes.

The vulnerability that AI threats exploit most often is not brute force assault on your network — it's actually social engineering at the help center via deepfakes and voice cloning. Nametag is the only way to stop AI without bogging down your user experience.
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Contextual AI

Unique abilities to capture data and apply neural networks that detect doctored IDs and selfies.

Nametag uses native apps on your mobile device to ensure images can only be captured from a trusted source: the camera on your customer's device. Nearly every ID verification software skips this step, meaning the in-browser camera is unable to access advanced capture features such as depth maps, and that a faulty scan could therefore be uploaded via manipulated browser. Once we've ensured a live scan, we can then apply neural networks to detect presentation attacks.

Live IDs

We detect falsified identity documents, and flag these users with a lifetime ban.

Live selfies

We detect doctored faces and the use of old photos, meaning an ID can never be scanned unless its true owner is holding the device.
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How to block deepfake users and AI-driven account takeovers

Add one-click proof of identity to stop deepfakes at high-risk moments — from your call center to your login box.

Option 1: Out-of-the-box

Empower your agents with an AI verification suite.

Use our no-code platform to send ID requests to customers contacting your support team. Add team members, customize branding and messaging, and view/manage verified results. Ready to go from day one - zero integration required.

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or integrated with platforms like:

Send ID verification requests and view results right from your platform of choice.

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Option 2: Automated Recovery

Enable automated, self-service account recovery.

Empower users to reset their own access on-demand, without engaging support resources.

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Option 3: Step-up Security

Add a step-up security measure.

Prompt an ID request in any context within your product. Authorize transactions or account changes with ease.

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Stop deepfakes with zero implementation

Stop AI, cut costs, and avoid potential disasters. Try sending an automated ID + proof-of-life request in any support chat (no credit card required), or book a demo to explore repeatable and fully-automated human-proofing flows.

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