The 10-minute hack that shut down MGM went through the help desk.
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When MFA devices get lost, verify the human instead.

End lockouts, stop social engineering attacks, and reduce support costs with repeatable proof of identity at these high risk moments:

Results in 30 seconds the first time, then 7 seconds every time.

Lockouts and login boxes are hurting your business.


One click identity verification, from access management to ticket resolution.

Ask and receive

A ready-made ID check, smart enough to pop up on any device and collect any info you need.


Prompt users to scan their ID or re-use from a past scan.

Send an ID request in any support chat with our Copilot platform or embed it in any UX flow. Users tap the link or scan a QR code to open an on-device user experience that can collect ID, verify email, and more – and share only the info you need. If they already have a Nametag, they can re-share in seconds with FaceUnlock.


Receive proof of identity to make (or automate) informed decisions.

Provide faster resolutions and increased satisfaction. Your teams receive verified identity details so they can focus on helping, instead of interrogating customers for personal information.

At its core, Nametag is the world's smartest ID scanning platform.

Browser-based ID verification tools are only for compliance. Nametag is built for security.

No deepfakes, no upload attacks

Nametag's mobile approach to ID Verification allows for faster and safer scanning – because it ensures a trusted real-time scan and can access advanced camera features such as depth mapping for liveness detection – all in a ready-made 'quick-launch' UI without the added friction of visiting an app store.

Detect and prevent:

Synthetic ID fraud
Account takeovers
Social engineering
New account fraud

Branded for your business

A custom experience your users will trust.

Anywhere your customers are

Global Coverage

10,000+ document types


Voice, chat, or email interactions

Mobile friendly

iOS + Android compatibility

Save $70 per lockout

Resolve a real user lockout with white-labeled ID verification – or just try it on yourself for practice. No code and no credit card required.

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