Introducing Nametag for Customer Support
A driver's license and a selfie being scanned back-to-back

Forget passwords.

Sign in with ID.

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Security centered around you

Today, anyone with your password can impersonate you.
Nametag uses Multi-Factor Identity™ to ensure only you can access your account.
Our Identity Model
A driver's license or ID card
Your ID
Plus sign
A selfie or face scan
A selfie
Matches ID photo
Equals sign
Successfully logged in
It's really you
Access granted

Never be locked out

If you lose your phone, lose access to your email, or even get a new driver’s license, you'll still be able to sign in with Nametag.

Privacy Mask

Don’t overshare. Nametag only shares necessary information with your consent, and conceals the rest. Companies benefit too by not holding unnecessary personal information (PII).
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An ID card with all of the sensitive personal information blurred out, overlayed by a box that reads "ID verified, ACME will only see your legal name: Dennis Kaplan"

No app required

Nametag appears whenever you need it via Apple App Clip or Android Instant App. It's the experience of a native app without waiting for a download.
About App Clips
Need to step up your security? Customer experience is no longer a compromise.