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Offer a VIP experience for any request

Fight fraud with faster resolutions for high-risk moments like these:

How it works


Customers tap to share their ID in a privacy-preserving way.

Your customers have never had such a seamless experience when reaching out to support. They can tap an email or SMS link, or scan a QR code to verify their identity. Protecting privacy and obtaining consent are core to the experience at every step.


Agents receive confirmation securely and efficiently.

Customer support teams finally have a tool that works. Provide faster resolutions and increased satisfaction, because when your teams receive verified identity details they can focus on helping, instead of interrogating customers for personal information.

Unlike other ID verification tools, Nametag is uniquely capable of stopping digital manipulation and impersonation.

AI-Powered Fraud Prevention
Nametag's mobile approach to ID Verification allows for faster and more accurate scanning from a trusted device -- because we use the advanced cameras and security features built into mobile phones. Recent ‘quick-launch’ advances from Apple and Android bring unparalleled security without the added friction of visiting an App Store.
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Detect and prevent:

Synthetic ID fraud
Account takeovers
Social engineering
New account fraud

Branded for your business

A custom experience your users will trust.

Anywhere your customers are.

Global Coverage

10,000+ document types


Voice, chat, or email interactions

Mobile friendly

iOS + Android compatibility

Your customers deserve Nametag.

Get started in minutes with a solution that fits your needs:

Option 1


Use the Nametag Console to instantly send ID requests via text, email, or support chat. Add team members, customize branding and messaging, and view verified results.

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Option 2


Explore our integrations with platforms like Zendesk to send ID requests and receive results right from your current support tool.

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Option 3


Add routine flows to prompt users to verify their identity as a sign-in method, as step up security before transactions or account changes, or before speaking to an agent.

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