Resolve lockouts, stop social engineering attacks, and reduce support costs with repeatable proof of identity.

Verification in 30 seconds the first time, then 7 seconds every time.

Lockouts and login boxes are hurting your business.


One click identity verification, from access management to ticket resolution.

Secure identity proofing

Authenticate the actual person behind the device.


Prompt users to scan their ID and face to verify their identity.

Send an verification request in your support chat, via SMS, or through your standard account recovery flow. Users tap the link or scan a QR code to open an on-device experience, no app required.


Receive proof of identity to make informed decisions.

Provide faster resolutions and better service. Agents receive verified identity details in seconds, so they can focus on resolving account lockouts and helping people instead of interrogating them.

The future of identity verification is here.

Browser-based ID verification tools are only for compliance. Nametag is built for security.

Stop deepfakes. Stop injection attacks.

Nametag's approach to ID verification allows for faster and safer scanning. Our platform ensures a trusted real-time ID scan and can access advanced camera features that web-based flows can't draw on, all through an easy flow that doesn't require you to download an app.

Detect and prevent:

Synthetic ID fraud
Account takeovers
Social engineering
New account fraud

Integrated self-service

Create a self-service account recovery microsite. Users can use Nametag to securely reset their own Okta or Active Directory MFA tokens and passwords when they get locked out.

Anywhere your customers are

Global coverage

10,000+ document types


Voice, chat, and email

Mobile friendly

iOS and Android compatible

Save $84 per lockout

Resolve a real user lockout with white-labeled ID verification, or just try it on yourself for practice. No code, no integration, and no credit card required.

Try Nametag — it's free
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