Say hello to the next generation of ID.

Prove your identity with your phone. Use Nametag to sign-in securely and protect your most valuable accounts. Nametag is the fast, safe, everywhere ID.

Introduce yourself with identification.

Only you should have access to your most valuable accounts. Traditional usernames, passwords, and profile questions are not enough to help companies recognize you with confidence. Your Nametag uses Multi-Factor Identity™ to ensure it’s really you, every time - so you can sign-in online with greater confidence and security.

Take back your privacy.

Don’t overshare. When someone needs to verify it’s really you or check personal info like your age, why should they get to see the home address on your driver’s license? With Nametag, you can control what you share and when you share it.

Safeguard your personal information.

Own your data and keep your current information stored safely. Too much personal information about you is likely already accessible by others; it’s time for a new approach. Nametag uses advanced encryption to keep your information safe, and does not share your personal information unless you specifically click approve. It’s your data, not ours.
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Getting Started

1. Scan your government ID

Your personal information will appear automatically

2. Scan your face

We’ll match it to your ID photo to make sure it’s legit

3. Use your Nametag number online

Or show your QR code in person to share

4. Approve or deny the request

You’ll see exactly what personal info they want from you


Peer to Peer Requests

Meeting someone new in person or on the phone and want to verify their identity?  Tap “Say Hello” to request verified information from someone else via QR code scan or phone number. Even if they don’t have Nametag yet, they’ll be able to quickly get started and review your request.